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May 21, 2010

FABIO CAPELLO has reaffirmed his commitment to England by removing a break-clause from his £6m-a-year FA contract.

Under the terms of his contract, there was a two-week "window of opportunity" after the World Cup. It meant the Italian would be free to speak with other countries or clubs while the FA could also decide to let him go.

But Capello sat down with FA chairman Lord Triesman and Sir Dave Richards several weeks ago after and asked them to modify his deal.

The FA were happy to meet his demands and both sides have now agreed to remove the break clause from the contract.

It means Capello will continue his work with England towards Euro 2012 no matter what happens in South Africa.

He said: "I have a contract with the FA and the only way it will finish is if they decide to sack me.

"I see my name linked with lots of jobs in England, Spain and Italy, but I'm happy here with the FA.

"I like my job, I like this country and I don't think about my future. My future is about tomorrow, the World Cup."

An FA source added: "The England team has suffered from a lack of continuity when there has been a reaction to tournaments and we don't want that to happen with Fabio.

"Whatever the outcome of the World Cup, Fabio will be in place to prepare for Euro 2012 because the FA has absolute faith in him.

"England could have sacked Bobby Robson after a poor Euro 88 campaign but the FA stuck with him and were rewarded when England reached the semi-finals in Italia 90.

"That is the kind of continuity we want in place with Fabio."

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