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May 23, 2010

kazi ipo jamanii..........................
Iter boss,massimo moratti akichekelea kinoma.......
He does it again...militoo....................
Figo nae alikuwepo jana....................
Dawn celebrations at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

 The heroes of Madrid were welcomed by 35,000 fans on their arrival at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza at dawn this morning. The Nerazzurri, who landed at Malpensa airport just before 5am, were greeted by a huge cheer as they entered the stadium with the Champions League trophy.

Led by Javier Zanetti and executive vice president Angelomario Moratti, the team received applause and cheers dedicated to the Madrid triumph, this great Inter side, Milito, Zanetti's milestone 700th appearance, and Inter legends Peppino Prisco and Giacinto Facchetti

May 22, 2010


Pardon my cynicism, but in New York City I am forever meeting individuals who are self-proclaimed artists, writers, composers, producers and recently, fashion designers. I say self-proclaimed because saying it doesnt make it so and in the art world, credentials can be as simple as a proclamation or business card.

I once met a fellow tenant in my office building who worked for a company specializing in branding. He offered his services and card - below his name was printed "Creative Expert." Rather incredulous that any one would not only make such a bold assertion but then commit it to print, I showed my graphic artist the card. Unfettered, my friend assured me that many people will believe what you say, particularly if printed on your card. She told me of an instance where she was called for a job - the client had been told that she was a Photoshop expert, which she was not. But it had been said. To this day, we use the phrase Creative Expert as a source of amusement in our office.

So, when I met Geary Marcello and in the ensuing conversation he told me he was a fashion designer, I just filed it for future investigation. His business card read "Creative Director. Couture Women's Wear Special Occasion and Costume Design." Now my antenna went up. Creative director, fashion designer - these are real jobs, not the more incredulous and nebulous, Creative Expert. And certainly a man with a septum curl, tongue chain, goatee and tattoos is not an ordinary man. But none of this saying makes it so.

Some online searching and a visit to his website certainly looked like Geary was in fact who he said he is. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. After all, this is New York, center of the American fashion industry and a city whose streets are populated with many exceptional people. This website is filled with examples of celebrated individuals I have met in ordinary places. I am reminded of my encounter with Afghan popstar Walid Soroor who I met in an Indian restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens - see here.

Of course the eternal cynic sees the Internet as just another incarnation of the devil's playground - a new place where saying it doesn't make it so and a forum for the Creative Expert :)

May 21, 2010

FABIO CAPELLO has reaffirmed his commitment to England by removing a break-clause from his £6m-a-year FA contract.

Under the terms of his contract, there was a two-week "window of opportunity" after the World Cup. It meant the Italian would be free to speak with other countries or clubs while the FA could also decide to let him go.

But Capello sat down with FA chairman Lord Triesman and Sir Dave Richards several weeks ago after and asked them to modify his deal.

The FA were happy to meet his demands and both sides have now agreed to remove the break clause from the contract.

It means Capello will continue his work with England towards Euro 2012 no matter what happens in South Africa.

He said: "I have a contract with the FA and the only way it will finish is if they decide to sack me.

"I see my name linked with lots of jobs in England, Spain and Italy, but I'm happy here with the FA.

"I like my job, I like this country and I don't think about my future. My future is about tomorrow, the World Cup."

An FA source added: "The England team has suffered from a lack of continuity when there has been a reaction to tournaments and we don't want that to happen with Fabio.

"Whatever the outcome of the World Cup, Fabio will be in place to prepare for Euro 2012 because the FA has absolute faith in him.

"England could have sacked Bobby Robson after a poor Euro 88 campaign but the FA stuck with him and were rewarded when England reached the semi-finals in Italia 90.

"That is the kind of continuity we want in place with Fabio."
Injury hiyooo.....................................
THE German Football Federation have confirmed that captain Michael Ballack is out of the World Cup.

The Chelsea midfielder, 33, was injured by a rash tackle from Kevin-Prince Boateng during Saturday's FA Cup Final win against Portsmouth.

A scan has revealed ankle ligament damage and the news is a massive blow to the player and his country.

Ballack, who is out of contract at Stamford Bridge, would have been a key figure for Germany and will not get another chance to play at the very highest level.

He was voted into the World Cup All-Star team for his performances in both the 2002 and 2006 tournaments, although suspension ruled him out of the Final defeat to Brazil eight years ago.

The former Bayern Munich star was due to have his injury assessed on Sunday but his ankle was so swollen the examinations were delayed.

Coach Joachim Low will have to consider other options with Bastian Schweinsteiger's role set to take on even more importance in the absence of his influential skipper.

Ballack has already hinted he may retire from international football in the near future and it's unlikely he'll ever be seen in his country's colours again, despite only being two apepearances away from 100 caps.

"This is obviously very disappointing," he said. "But you have to accept it.

"That is football, it must go on somehow
Nelson Mandela stadium
Royal Bafokeng stadium
Soccer city-Joberg
Moses Mabhida stadium
Elis Park Stadium
Cape town stadium.
Free state stadium.
Mbombela stadium moja ya dimba ambalo litatumika kwenye michuano ya world cup 2010 S,A

December 9, 2009

Mamia ya watanzania wamejitokeza kwa wingi uwanja wa taifa kusherehekea miaka 48 ya uhuru wa Tanganyika.


wadau hiyo picha inakupa ujumbe gani??

stop sin

December 7, 2009

December 6, 2009

Umaga afariki dunia kutokana na shinikizo la damu akiwa na umri wa miaka 36.

umaga amefariki wakati akitazama luninga

Tears of joy.....big brother finale

The beatiful land of tanzania...

Bongo ingekuwa hivi pasingetosha...labda miaka mia moja ijayo.

nduki nduki totoz za mbele sio mchezo....

Wadau huyo nani....

Wakei dont try to beep God by private number sawa?????

coming soon album ya mangwea 1982 N'GE

Wanaume wa shoka pale kampala..

From tusker project fame hadi bongo movies si mwingine ni King of love Hemed.

Huyu binti hivi ana ugonjwa wa akili au ndio fashion???wadau mnasemaje?

Dbanji from nigeria akisalimiana na mashabiki uwanja wa mwalimu j k nyerere mara baada ya kuwasili tanzania.

Hapo vipi...hapo sawa.

dada zetu hao....

wanaopenda kushika nyama je mtaipenda hiyo????mi sipo

jamani jamani....bonge la totoz...unabishaaa????

demu mcharuko

sweet baby......

mapenzi mapenzi mabaya jamaani...

kanye afanya kweli...maujanja zaidi fatilia blog hii........